About Tyler Carpenter

I've been doing UX and game design since 2006, for companies big and small. Past employers include Nintendo, Microsoft's Xbox division, Monolith, Harebrained Schemes, and a variety of smaller studios for indepdentent consulting and contract work. I like to solve problems, tell stories, and design both fun games and fun apps. I'm constantly thinking about ways to improve the feel and fun that users have when they touch the things I've worked on, be they large or small.

I've been building interactive experiences for my entire professional life, from simple website catalogs to multi-million dollar console games & platforms. I love working on products I actually use and believe in, which is why I tend to work in very specific fields: it's a lot harder to make users excited a product if I'm not excited about it myself. User experience & interaction design is more than just wireframes and user scenarios. It's a holistic discipline that demands designers who can think like a user, an engineer, an artist, and a crazy person - often all at the same time.

My professional credo is simple: know your audience, follow the research data, and don't be afraid to try something new if your previous approaches aren't working.


I've worked in Unity, Unreal, LithTech, Flash, Silverlight, C#, LUA, PHP/MySQL and XHTML, as well as several proprietary formats. Some of my smaller projects have been for audiences of several thousand, while some of the large projects I've worked on were viewed daily by over 10 million users. I've shipped indie darlings with a niche audience, and I've also shipped AAA games and platforms with broad market appeal. When possible, I always like trying something new, rather than well-trod ground.

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